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California’s premiere trimming company.

About us.

We appreciate your interest in 480 Trimmers. 480 Trimmers was founded based on making meaningful connections between our farmers, trimmers and our distributors. Today, we connects artisan farmers and large enterprise cannabis companies to the fields most experienced hand trimmers. As California’s premiere trimming company, we are known for providing the best trimming service in the cannabis industry. We are a family owned and operated company nestled in the heart of the beautiful California. We have three offices based out of Fresno, San Diego and Los Angeles. Our company travels throughout California to provide trimming services to both large corporate grows and small to mid size farms.

As an experienced trimming company, we understand the trends and the market! We have first-hand experience watching the market as prices goes up and down based on the season’s flower production and product availabilities throughout the state. During our initial meeting we can help evaluate your products and help you make the best decision what strains to trim first based on the market trends. This will help position your products appropriately for the ever-changing flower industry where price changes rapidly day by day.

California is well known for its rich history in agriculture, beautiful scenery, caring communities and our cannabis! With our pristine weather conditions and rich soil, it has allowed us to grow beautiful flowers unlike anywhere else in the world. For centuries, Californian have grown cannabis throughout northern and southern California providing exceptional flowers for cannabis’s diverse consumers.

With legalization, people near and far travel to our wonderful state in search of the perfect flowers for consumption and to use for medicinal purposes. With the recent changes in Legislation, more people are entering the cannabis business, both skilled and novelists alike are growing cannabis in small and large volumes, this mass interest in cultivation created a demand for exceptional flowers. With more consumers providing more varieties to choose from more than ever farmers are faced with challenging decision whether they should hand trim or machine trim their quality flowers.

Over the years it’s been proven that buyer will not pick flowers that are not trimmed properly. In this ever-changing market where Farmer’s need quick returns, improper trimming ultimately effects their revenue.

Part of this battle to ensure flowers turn a profit, Farmer’s must prepare their products properly to ensure it meets the demands of their consumers. One of the biggest challenges Farmer’s are facing in this market is making sure their product stands out from a vast majority of perfectly beautiful flowers. One of the biggest setbacks in cannabis sales is due to the fact that flowers are not trimmed properly.

With our deep roots in cannabis farming, we have perfected the art of trimming. We understand that there are many different characteristics to the cannabis and hemp plant. Each genetic we come across requires different manicures. A proper manicure will preserve the strain integrity and promote sales.


In an industry where demand, quality, and service all operate on a rotating basis, it is our mission to provide you with the trimming solutions that fit your needs, timeframe, and budget. 

Through strong communication we hope to build strong partnerships in the cannabis and hemp industries that will help promote stronger communities by employing local workers. 

Our goal is to reduce material waste and increase yields by properly trimming and keeping all adequate bud size flowers for our clients so they can increase their Return on Investment.

Our team.

Our team members are skilled hand trimmers who have perfected the art of trimming flowers for both the THC and CBD industry.
All of our trimmers have over 3 or more years of experience trimming. We work closely with all our trimmers to ensure they are meeting the manicure criteria of every stain we come across. We understand every strain and genetic should be trimmed differently and should not all look the same. On average, our small team of
12 trimmers can generate finished trim in the amount of 230-250 pounds every six-business day, (12 hr work days).

When hiring us, you can depend on our trimming crew to show
up on time and do what they do best, getting your flowers trimmed for market. They all start at the same time and leave at the same time. This ensures all the products are trimmed onsite!

On all our sites we will provide a team leader/site manager.
Our site manager will record the strains that need to be trimmed. Next, they will record the material’s dry weight before trimming and will also record the weights of all finished products per employee.


Our purpose is to provide top-notch, quality trimming and harvesting services to a wide range of cannabis farmers throughout California and the western United States. With our years of experience, understanding of ever-changing market conditions, and willingness to provide services and consultation that best suits the needs of our clients, we seek to stand at the forefront of the trimming industry. 

Our commitment is to provide the best hand trimming service and customer support to our clients.  Our commitment is to become a reliable and dependable source that our clients can count on to start and finish both small and large trimming projects.  We are committed in being the partner you can trust for all your post processing needs.

What value do we provide to our clients?
It is important for us to exist for the cannabis industry because we are in a very competitive industry where the aesthetic of buds is prized because consumers are expecting the bud to look a certain way.  The three main criteria in this industry that makes the bud valuable is the manicure, the color, and the smell. 

Our job is to provide a strategic plan that will be able to help our farmers make the best decisions on their grow so that they are able to put that out to market.  We can provide valuable feedback on how to properly cut and dry materials and effectively streamline this integral process so we can help our clients get their job done in a timely manner. Because we are consumers ourselves, we understand the purchasing process – by emotion and by sight. 

Most people don’t know this, but there is a specific way that you need to trim cannabis and hemp without destroying the actual structure of the bud. We want buds to be most appealing so the retailers or sellers can maximize their bottom lines.

What is your competitive advantage?
At 480 Trimmers, we are farmers ourselves, and we have a deep understanding of the industry. We work closely with trusted distributors across California, allowing us to see trends before most farmers are affected by these elements.  If you’re going to have anyone help you with your trimming service, you need someone who knows the market firsthand. We have proprietary knowledge and can predict trends and prices based on what is being sold throughout our networks of farms.


We can help farmers make the best strategic decisions to go to market based on what they have grown, how their product looks and based on the market trends.  With these factors we put into consideration, we will be able to help guide our clients to make the best decisions for their products and where they can get the most return on their investments.

To help our clients find the best solution to their trimming needs by applying effective solutions to help achieve their business objectives.

What we believe 

  • Our most valuable assets are our people and our customers.
  • Responsible corporate governance delivers value for our shareholders. 
  • Agriculture is the key to sustainable global growth.
  • In an innovative, entrepreneurial environment that empowers great ideas. In the creativity to see, the freedom to develop and the capacity to act.
  • In integrity and responsiveness in all our interactions.
  • In profound respect for our environment.

We believe…

Agriculture is the key to sustainable global growth.

Our most valuable assets are our people and our customers.

Responsible corporate governance delivers value for our shareholders.

In integrity and responsiveness in all our interactions.

In an innovative, entrepreneurial environment that empowers great ideas. In the creativity to see, the freedom to develop and the capacity to act.

In profound respect for our environment.

Let’s work together.

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