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Our Services.

It’s our job to make sure your buds look their best
before they hit the store shelves.

Why hire us?

480 Trimmers is California’s premier cannabis hand trimming company

The cannabis industry has entered an era of near-constant change, with new regulations and market demands keeping the industry awash in rules, regulations, and a need for new methods of presentation and preparation. Through the process of hand trimming, we have the ability to prepare your product for market. This ensures that your product will stand out in a field of competition, allowing you to maximize your profit, while limiting the waste associated with any perishable product. Our staff’s track record and experience in the field is second to none. Above all else, we seek to provide our customers with an accurate, honest appraisal, a realistic time frame for completion, and the services of the finest hand-trimmers in the field today.

At 480 Trimmers, we have years of experience doing this very special art form that everyone in this industry needs which is hand trimming! We understand the value you’ve put into growing your valuable harvest, and we will trim your flower and treat it with the care you deserve! We become your partner in this industry, especially when you need reliable people who you can trust.

What value do we provide to our clients?

It is important for us to exist for the cannabis industry because we are in a very competitive industry where the aesthetic of buds is prized because consumers are expecting the bud to look a certain way. The three main criteria in this industry that makes the bud valuable is the manicure, the color, and the smell. And we cover one branch of those three criteria.

Our job is to provide a strategic plan that will be able to help our farmers make the best decisions on their grow so that they are able to put that out to market. We can provide valuable feedback on how to properly cut and dry materials and effectively streamline this integral process so we can help our clients get their job done in a timely manner.

 As consumers we buy on emotion and by sight. There is a specific way to trim cannabis and hemp without destroying the actual structure of the bud. We want buds to appealing as possible so that the retailers or the sellers can get the most return on their harvest.

At 480 Trimmers, we’re actually farmers ourselves and we understand the industry. We work closely with distributors across California and we understand the market and see trends before most farmers are affected by these elements. If you’re going to have anyone help you with your trimming service, you want someone who knows the market. We can predict trends and prices based on what is being sold throughout the networks of our family farms.

We can help farmers make the best strategic decisions to go to market based on what they have grown, how their product looks and based on the market trends. With these factors we put into consideration, we will be able to help guide them to make the best decisions for their products and where they can get the most return on their investments.


Our pricing per pound depends on whether we are trimming CBD flowers or THC flowers.

CBD Flower

Hand Trim: $120.00 per pound
Hand Touch: $50.00 per pound

THC Flower

Hand Trim: $150.00 per pound
Hand Touch: $80.00 per pound

Minimum weight to be trimmed must be met and discussed before we start the job. If you have a budget you like to stay under, we can negotiate and discuss solutions that can help reduce hand trim cost by supplementing the work with machine trimming and doing hand touch.

Let’s work together.

To help us understand how we can help your farm, please contact us to discuss:

  • How much dry material do you have?
  • How much materials do you want us to trim?
  • Do you need bucking services?
  • What is your timeline?

If possible, we would love to do a walk through your facility at your earliest convenience to determine if our company can become your trimming partners.